I Master Degree in Human Resources Management


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I Master Degree in Human Resources Management

The current demanding, changing and global job market, demands knowledge and attitudes that allow us to adapt successfully to the new and often complex situations. Nowadays it is more true than ever that the investment made in knowledge and training is the most profitable to face these challenges.

The specialization through a master generates a competitive advantage in your academic profile compared to other candidates in a selection of personnel, being indicative of the motivation and interest to update the own knowledge and to reach the highest levels of professional excellence.

An active attitude with regard to the planning of the own professional career and ongoing training, reveals a healthy nonconformist nature and highlights your adaptation to the current business enviroment context and the correct understanding of his demands. Therefore, the Master Degree in Human Resources Management will become your main ally in access to the world of business.

Directed to: University degrees
They will be considered as candidates for professionals without a university degree and with accredited professional experience in the field of Human Resources. Students of last year of degree (previous evaluation by the Master Commission).

Modality: On-site (Wednesday to Friday)
Course: 2019–2020
Number of places: 25 students
Duration: 500 hours
Language: English

Character: Private title
Price: 6.400 €
Payment facilities: Yes

Hours: 9:00 am to 13:30 pm
Start date: October 2019
End date: June 2020

Place of teaching: Foundation University School of Labor Relations of A Coruña