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New Technologies and Business Management

The contents of the course are organized to provide students, first of all, with an extensive knowledge of the latest and most relevant possibilities currently offered by new technologies.

On this basis the seminar focuses on learning and understanding how to use these possibilities and apply them, with a very practical perspective, to the strategy of the organization and its structure and procedures.

The seminar places special emphasis on new ways of organizing work as well as managing the people who will be part of the companies of the future. The course is taught entirely in English.


Modality: On-site (Monday to Friday)
Course: 2019–2020
Number of places: 25 students
Language: English

Character: Private title
Price: 1.740 €
Payment facilities: Yes

Class schedule: 9:00 am a 13:15 pm
Start date: September 23, 2019
End date: September 27, 2019

Place of teaching: Foundation University School of Labor Relations of A Coruña